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Write It Down

Badly Preserved

That face is melting, do we own credibility
red lines sensing what people are thinking
common behaviour, it starts to make sense
in one way, one game, remoted in my head

today I'm reflecting on the world and its content
it's gotta be objective, a pure and happy end
it won't be like that, I'm telling you this
it's gods country allright, but he forgot to bless it

life wil never be the same
forcing you to play mindless games and
I'll never be the same
the pain you've caused is coming back at you

remember the days son and write them down
I am in between

you think sweet talk will help but it won't
forgotten things will come back and provoke
busy, busy sorting out all my priorities
infecting me the rest of humanity

empty those pockets and stop the clock
mind above matter, fuel within us
that face is melting, do we own credibility
red lines are sensing what people are thinking

I don't feel like taking a break now
I have an opportunity
freeze the moment and separate them

I am so right awake now
seems like I can't get no sleep now
realizing why I've done it

a little bit more now
a little bit less
although we trought it might be bigger
bigger then the rest
instead of working a new item is born
perhaps reborn if I could chose its path

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