I heard the leaders talking
And dem say, fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
Never no intention to do, what is right
Never no intention, for the people to unite
Never no intention to do what is right
Murderer, murderer, murderer, murderer

If you’re not afraid of me, and I’m not afraid of you
What are we fighting for, if you do not envy me
And I do not envy you, what are we fighting for
Are your people starving? Did I cause you some suffering?
I come in jah and bring peace offering
But, all I hear you say

Damn hypocrits, with their firesticks
Gathered from nations that hate dem
Don’t know the nature of the politriks
To keep us divided only promotes dem
So, they spreading grief, in the land for you and me
But by their deeds, we’ll judge dem in history

I don’t want no, no bloodshed
I man don’t hunt no, other man’s head
What will be gained yeah, by another man’s death
The dead man don’t pray no, and the ruthless jah no bless
This is my creed yea, my word to the end
Generations of my seeds, will bring war to an end
Lord, yea, lord, yea
What are we fighting for, what are we fighting for
What are we fighting for, what are we fighting for

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