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Shadow On The Wall

Band De Soleil

You'd think after all this time
I'd finally have my life together
What's wrong with staying home
And talking to that shadow on the wall
I'm not the type that can stay home
And pay attention to these feelings
Sometimes just to be sure you're still alive
You for to keep on moving on and on and on
But if the music pays
I'll never be too far away
If the music plays i'll never be too far away
Because i'm still running, i'm still running
I'm still running away
Sometimes i get so restless,
I get so wound up and i get so bored
I go out looking for some sign of life
For trouble to take on
But i don't have all night
Come on make your move
But don't get too comfortable
Hand be down my walking shoes
And if the music plays
I'll never be too far away because
I'm still running
I'm still running
I'm still running away
A little taste of this a little drop of that
And i'll be doing fine
Anything that i can do, anything that i can find
To keep me off my mind
And i'm still running

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Composição: John Lodge / Michelle Malone. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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