Drink at the bar nothing bar anything but the bottom step of the
Ladder it keeps getting higher and higher dawn comes soon enough
For the working class it keeps getting sooner or later this is
The game that moves as you play how does it feel to have your
Own bottle of booze behind the bar, how does it feel to play
Cards with the barmaids while they work at jocko's rocketship or
The one eye jack my sin and the lucky star a steady place to
Study and drink day old days ancient bloody mary bastards in a
Hardcore blue collar bar here we sit, a shot and a beer after
Another hard earned day dawn comes soon enough for the working
Class it keeps getting sooner or later this is the game that
Moves as you play at the hi-d-hi and the hula gal bee-hive bar
And the zircon lounge g.g.'s cozy corner the gift of love
Stop'n'drink, sit'n'sip, rest'n'pieces dexter's new approach and
The get down lounge the aorta bar, detroit's main vein

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