The must've been times bur I really don't remember
Before you and I, an endless and cold december
I felt like time began and I finally started living
In the moment of that first breath we drew

Remember the day, it must've looked like I was waving
The world turned away, but you knew that I was drowning
And ever since that kis of life and how it saved me
I wake each day because of you

Cause you're the only thing that keeps me breathing
Your every kiss, a reason for living
I wanna take you in, I'll never live without
Don't you know you're my oxthen?
Yeah what my body needs, you supply it
Leave me now I know I won't survive it
Don't wanna let you go,
Oh baby don't you know you're my oxygen?
My oxygen, my oxygen, my oxygen, oxygen

I'll try to explain, it's not only that I want ya
When you go away it's like try'na breath underwater
So I'm gonna live each day with you as if it's my last
Yeah baby, you are my love, my life


I was running on empty
When you came here to save me
From out of nowhere you were the air
And I never would've made it
So now I'm dedicating all of my life and my love to you


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