In the fire
It was burning
Sweetheart, I know
I should have been learning

But my pockets
Were full of money, yes they were
I had someone, yes I did
To call my honey
[1: But 2: Yes 3: Ooh, and 4: And] it's love (ooh, sweet love)
That makes a woman [3: yes, it is] (ooh, that makes a woman)
Yes, it's love (ooh, sweet love)
That makes a woman (ooh, that makes a woman)

Something told me that this wouldn't last
Now my heartache is in the past
I had to swallow all of my pride
And admit to myself deep down inside

Diamonds and pearls
Don't you know that I've had enough
But I feel so much better, yes I do
Dressed in love

What she is, yeah
What she is

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Composição: Carl Davis / William Sanders. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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