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Driving Wheels

Barnes Jimmy

Well he's following the broken line
Living on borrowed time
Motel rooms and broken hearts all left behind
Swear he couldnt close his eyes
Shifts into overdrive
He's been up and down this road so many times
The man on his own
Searching just keeps him moving
And only the road
Can take the rebel in his soul

It's the rhythm of the highway
As he rolls on by
The city lights as a faithful sign
Drive that man behind that driving wheels

Like a cowboy in a rodeo
Riding hard but never letting go
But he'll be wand'ring through the twilight of his life
Waylon Jennnings on the radio
The country music and engine roar
Like a shooting star across a desert sky
Out he's got a home
Outside on the blue horizon
And God only knows
There's still a rebel in his soul


And chase the satellite
In the distant sky
Open plains to the mountains high
Drive that man behind that driving wheels

Well he's thought about settling down
A little diver on the edge of town
But in this world of push and shove
He still got freedom in his heart

It's the rhythm of the highway...

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