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Love You From The Inside

Barrio Boyzz

Just lay your head down on my pillow

and let me take away all your pain, baby
Girl anything you wanna do, we can do
tonight is all about you

All alone, me and you
I wanna make your dreams come true
but don't make me wait too long
By your side is where I'll be
Let me love you totally, yeah
And I can hardly stand it

When you look at me that way
It makes me wanna stay
so I can love you from the inside
When we make love to your mind (yeah yeah) Girl I'm sure you'llfind
that I can love you from the inside

Love you from the inside

do you know what I'm talkin' bout
Let me in

And if you wanna get freaky baby

we can go where ever you want
Just go with me
cuz freak is my specialty
Let me put on your favorite song
Baby it's on! It's on! It's on!

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