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Who Am I

Beanie Man

Yes nyah, cool nuh Iyah
Who Am I, I am jus the girls dem sugar (alright)
Hear yah nuh
Sim Simmer, who got the keys to my bimmer
Who am I, the girls dem sugar
How can I, make love to a fellow
In a rush, pass mi di keys to my truck
Who am I, di girls dem luck
And I and I will make love to Precious, but
1. Yuh ever buck a gal whey deep like bucket
Draw fi yuh needle an yuh needle caan stitch it
Draw fi yuh axe, and like a cow yuh all a chop it
Draw fi yuh pickaxe and like a rung yuh all a dig it
Is like a riverside up pon di banking yuh tek it
Is like a bicycle suh yuh hold it and dash it
Now yuh wash it, suh yuh crash it she a tell yuh say yuhcrabbit
Gal she a beg yuh an a bawl seh yuh fi stop it
Badman plug in, a mi a move like electric
Is like a basketball, she tek time out fi vomit
Unuh listen to mi stlye an unuh listen to mi lyrics
A Beenie Man deh yah, mi a drop it ( a seh)
2. But anything she want I will give it unto she
A cant believe di day mi friend dem tell mi dat she flee
A dont believe its angry, I dont believe its grief
I dont believe its Susan or the other girls I breed
The love for me she have, that is the only thing I need
I dont think den right now just to loose my main squeeze
Oh guantalamela yuh a killer
Gal the way yuh hot yuh have mi body under pressure
Man see yuh body all a kill mosquito
Hold yuh body right just fi know yuh the power
I tell myself I dont want anybody else to ever love me
You are my guiding star, my shining light, I love you baby
But that day you leave and yuh gone
I now that girls, they are going crazy
I now the girls lumpsome all a dem a run come
Cause di whole a dem want dis baby
I told you once and I told you twice
That I am the girls dem sugar
Now the girls dem attack mi and di girls dem a rush mi
Because dem a drive inna mi bommer
A di girls dem flavor, I am no slave
I am the helper, no paper
An a girl just watch yah
A want unnuh hear yah an listen wheh di DJ a seh.

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