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  1. Don't Think He Is Ever Comin' Home
  2. Hold back the night
  3. Everything Is Alright
  4. Got Me Feeling Sexy
  5. Baby I'm Not a Bitch
  6. The Safest Place (I Wanna Be Strong)
  7. The First Time
  8. Non e Un Addio
  9. Like a Foojin
  10. Will to Love
  11. Tears In The Rain
  12. Spice Of Life
  13. If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)
  14. Follow Me
  15. Face
  16. Hide your heart
  17. Endless Traveling Map (by Her)
  18. I call you love
  19. If I loved you
  20. If You Were a Woman (and I Was a Man)


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