Yeah, uh huh

[beenie man]
Yo I watched attack of da clones with nasir jones
he sniffed a daffodol, I thought he was a stripper on
a dancin pole, he was actin all girly, he was
so stoned that his eyes were all whirly, he's got a new wife
I hope she don't go through strife, because of Jay-z
whos real lazy, hes a huge fagget who smells like a maggot
My Girl friends real hot although she smokes
pot, she aint a hoe like some bitch that did a duet
with fat joe!!

[Justin timberlake]

Cause R.Kellys a retard! to put him in jail is real hard
and so is Ashton kutcher who should be workin as a butcher
hes on that 70's show, which is as bad as a
mole, this is a really bad chorus, my voice has been
run over by a tourbus, lets get back to the song
and give beenies girlfriend a bong.

[beenie man]
despite tha allegations, R.Kelly is loved by
all nations, exept for me, a paedefile is he
lets move over to 50 cent cause I know
what he meant, by gettin shot nine times as the
clock chimes, hes friend with eminem whos as
expensive as a gem, rest in peace to 2pac, who
when he died hae was fried on da westside of da ride

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