Foto do artista Beenie Man

Everyone Falls In Love Sometime

Beenie Man

Yo, i'm just giving out sounds
Everyday i get up and a frowns
Da one thing i no little girl
Da one thing i wa give you some more
Everyone fall in love sometime
I don't know bout you but it ain't a crime
Repeat 1x
Verse 1-
Question i ask
Tell me what you want and what you really really wanna do
Tell me baby girl if your love is really true
Tell me what you want and what you really really wanna do
Tell me baby girl, hey
And no have like no yo-yo
If you really love me let it flow-flow
And if you don't love me let me go-go
But i think the rudebwoy gon let you know-know that
Verse 2-
Beep, beep. the singer got the keys to the jeep, vroom
A we pretty girl wa fi meet
So tell me what's up before me hitting the sheets,
You see it, you see it
All 8, 9, 10
The whole a dem gial wa fi be our friend
A you me really love, why you want it fi end
You have mi brains a puzzled, me can't comprehend, but then again,
Verse 3-
Eh you want me tell you something girl
You want me tell you something, cho
Girl you have me reminiscing,
When me member bout yuh loving and kissing
So tell me tell me girl, why yuh wanna be dissing
I try to talk to yuh, but yuh not listening
It's only logic for my love to be glistening
Baby ema ought to know that something missing
Since it's late me a keep on flipping
So listening keenly to what me singi-singing
Repeat verse 1 and 2

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