Extract these thoughts from my head
withdraw these feelings from my heart
planned answers always followed with more questions
've seen this landscape before try
not to look but I am drawn if I could
only ignore it you didn't slip through
my fingers I just spread them apart a
clove of smoke that starts out strong
and fades away before too long expectations
set so high too far to see with squinting
eyes how honorable were the attempts to
reach the goal I could never come close
to cleanse me of this unbearable reality
cure the sickness that's so much a part
of me cathedrals standing tall to
demonstrate denial as infection ever
grows the victims only smile the beginning
of the end in the shell of defiance the
truth is safely hidden the definition of
reliance a cancer of meager beginnings the
product of its surroundings the destruction
of natural purity a virus foreign to empathy

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