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Wake up the silence
Girl u know I
Been trying my hardest
Why are we fighting

Won't let me back in
It's not like I blame ya
Pain from the same sin
Pray for redemption, I need redemption

Just listen, u always be talkin when I be talkin, I need u to listen
I don't want no one else, give you nothing less than, than one hundred
You're worth more anything, that's why I call you queen, babe you're gifted
You've never heard me talk this way, if u could hear me pray

Feels like the storms passed
Healing with time
Didn't think I'd last
A part of me died, it needed to die
The world could not break us
See through the lies, follow the guide
Love is the greatest
Faith over pride

Come home to papi
U know I can't stop it
I'm just being honest
My love is relentless