Everyday I see the sunset,
On a hilltop across the plains, yeah.
Feel the summer breeze,
Blowing gently across my face,
As I think about my life,
And all that I\'ve achieved, yeah.
I don\'t want to have to worry, no no,
\'bout the choices in my life.
It\'s hard enough living in this world alone,
But I know this road I travel will lead me home.

Time is precious,
I don\'t have that much to waste.
I must find that someone,
To make my life complete.
So when I come home,
And open up the door.
Everything I live for,
Is standing waiting there for me.
To give me all the love I need,
And that they will never let me down, never never.
And as a man this is all I ever ask for.
To have a loving home and happy family.

No, I\'ve never been the kind of person,
To build my hopes,
But sometimes it seems like hope is not enough.
I pray to God for you, yes I pray for you.

You\'re all I need in my life,
You\'re all I need in my life to get by baby,
You\'re all I need,
No one else, no one else, no one else.
You\'re all I need in my life to get by,
It\'s all I need to get my life together,
You\'re all I need.
You\'re all I need in my life to get by,
You\'re all I need, you\'re all I ...
You\'re all I need, you and I,
You\'re all I need in my life to get by,
Hey baby, you\'re all I need.

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