I see beyond the dream
besides all that I can see
think about what comes into my life
feel what happened in my eyes
I do everything to stop the pain
but what if it all goes in vain

you made me cry on my guitar
you opened the door of my heart
that lost me here
everything to me makes no sense
I feel blamed for anything
I think I missed something

I know I'll find you
I know I can believe
you and me
you want me to forgive

I will not close the door of my heart
he needs someone he is hurt
if you ever come to fall
it goes without saying that I know
how a story with a happy ending
like having everything I know I have nothing


I believe
how can i stop this pain that is hurting me
my body to someone else is opening
without you in my life I'm going crazy
my life is nothing without you baby

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