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Any Day Now

Bif Naked

Anyday, now..it's gonna start-my real life.
and anyday, now..everything is gonna be alright..
Anyday, now..life's gonna get real good.
and somehow..life'll be like I sed it would
Anyday, now-mark my word
Anyday, now-I will be heard!
Anyday, now-my shipt will finally come in...
Anyday, now..I'm gonna jump right in.
and anyday, now..my destiny will begin.
and until then I'll just be here
wasting my time...
but, don't you worry,
I'll be just fine..
Anyday, now-mark my word!
Anyday, now-I will be heard!
Anyday, now-my ship will
finally come in...

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Composição: Bif Naked / Peter Karroll. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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