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Like a wild train rollin' so wild and full of steam
Once you get us going, it's like nothing you have seen
With some fire in your belly, you move a little faster
And the devil in your eye makes you hit a little harder

So where do you draw the line and tell yourself no more?
Is it when your back's against the wall or you're crawlin' on the floor?
It's always work, work, work some more until they say it's time
But fight the fight worth fighting and things will turn out fine

And I say Lordy, lordy lordy. Lordy lordy be
Lordy lordy lordy. Big and bad as we can be
This is what it means when we swing on you brother

So now that we know who we really trust
There's plenty room for them but there's more room for us
When your feet don't touch the ground, there's nothing you can say
Just jump inside, enjoy the ride, and make the big boys pay

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