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I've been up, I've been down I've been kicked to the ground
And that's nothing new for me
Like the dead of the night When everything's all right
It's where I wanna be

You see the life I live is the life I choose
I follow no one's laws I follow no one's rules
But when it's heads I win and tales you loose
It's not the game in which I choose

Strollin' in at dawn, wakin' up at noon
Is gonna catch up to me soon
But you can sleep when you're dead is what I said
Cause I'm jumpin' off the moon

Hold on, bear down, jump in and grin
Cause I'm comin' back your way
Get down, hold tight with all your might
Cause I'm comin' back to stay

What's next? I think I'll hit the streets
What's next? I think I'll have a drink
What's next? I think I'll bet my luck
Luck's coming back my way

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