Nighttime shift, you know it gets no realer than this
what! we be comin, we comin, 41st side nigga, gangstaz
come on, we be in your face bitch

[Big Noyd]
You know when Q U come through we get 'em for they chain
They ain't sayin, quick to blow your motha'fuckin brains
Nigga light the Benz on autor, word to the daughter
Feel me black, ya' niggaz wanna beef, ya' niggaz betta squeeze
Hope he left his memories and fact, assumin that I love
that the streets and my gats, who hold me down?
who got my back?, no one, who holdin me down?
who got my back? shit my big guns makin you cowards run
I hit the bitch all in the lungs son wack 'em
When I flashed on 'em, I had his man turn an ass on 'em
Cuz the dezzy was pointed on his headdy
this niggaz ain't ready, dunn I dead crew
and ain't got shit poppin on Channel One news
Who the fuck is these dudes? niggaz wanna fuck
Who the fuck wanna screw? I'm reach for my shit ready to blast one
Doin jukes wit the one they say the mask on
yo hold me down your heart is low budget son
You had one in the head but you didn't pull it son
No time for fake-ness
be the first and last mistake you eva fuckin make bitch!
Come out and stop hidin, deal wit the pressure
Before I send hunger and gun to come get ya
Wit 4-4's and betta, dumb-dumb's I bet ya
You won't even feel wit when they kill ya
So watch your back bitch!

[Interlude: Big Noyd]
cuz we ghetto gangsta shit, 41st side nigga
Come on, cuz we comin, we comin, we comin
41st side what we here now
lets show 'em how we get down

[Hook x2: A-Dog]
All I see is crime outside and truthfully I can't take it
All these pains inside, don't think I'mma make it
Shit!, the game is real so you must stay strong
All I see is cats locked up and dead and gone

I know cats that hate to take flicks
Blood thick in the hip by lingua chicks
Eager to strip, cornball slip, they knees stash closer to my dick
Savage dude eatin food disturbin the eagle trips
Son kissed to my lips bein bees played the concrete
Snow in the summer to increase your heart-beat
Duke, make it happen so retrovior right?
but when I black out and cut ya'll in half and sayin it ain't right?
Six building of the hook, henny and remy's
Stand dawg lays in samy at your enemy
Now they pass memories, I pal chicken til the death
Legal raw or legal I'm covered so fuck the ATF
Now fact the lord my thoughts are raw
I'm capable to leave the sickness seemed to chair-fold
Now the fair war, or severe any man hoar head
Shots chest, shots squeeze til this red hot
Bubble like where hustle and numb rocks
Soften your hard rocks wit one shot
And put your mind on your opposery
Blood ooze on his rose-rary
As I back away cautiously

[Hook x3: A-Dog]

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