I don't wanna go tonight, leavin' just don't seem right
And Lord my time is through, with so much left to do
Listen to me Father, as I close my eyes and bow
Hold me in Your arms tonight, I lay my burden down

Lord give me one more song
Tell Your hurting people to hold on
Send Your Holy Spirit, so that when they hear it
They'll raise their hands in praise, and sing along
Singing one more song

Hearts are cryin' out, Lord listen to them
THey're all longin' for, sweet communion
Listen to them Father, as they close their eyes and bow
Hold us in Your arms tonight, we lay our burdens down


Hallelujah, Christ is risen
Hell has been defeated, and we have been forgiven
Hallelujah, God eternal
We will sing Your praise forever more
Singin' one more song


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