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Good Friday

Big Tymers

Baby (of Big Tymers):
(Fa sho...)

Mack 10:
Hoo-Bangin' and Cash Money...
Hustlin' err'y Friday...

Baby (of Big Tymers): Fa sho...
Got a packgage on Wednesday, Thursday, I broke it up,
Now Friday done came, today we cookin' up.
Ain't gettin' loaded, nigga, no time for fuckin' up.
I'm breakin' niggas off with bricks and hustler's.
The hood done changed cause nigga's comin' up.
You short me, I'ma have to blow ya' hood up.
The feds on my ass but I need my change.
So I could ride Hummer, Jags, and Bentleys, man.

Mannie (of Big Tymers):
It's that day, phat day, kidnappin' and gunplay.
I need my riches from you bitches and I can't stay.
Nah that's the flavor that I savor, neighbor, 20 inch things,
Rag on my head, white t-shirt and Dickie jeans.
Mack like "roni", the one and only.
Nigga, Puff like Daddy, and I'm pretty like Tony.
Friday, lie day, tell the lil' nigga I'll pay 'em.
And when he come up with the product, ya'll niggas spray 'em.
(Now why theeyyyy..... Had to do me on Fridaayyyy.....)

BG (Chorus 2x):
It's Friday, nigga on the block straight shinin'
Runnin' them things down, tryn'a get it, I'm grindin'
Sellin' two-for-one's forever, nigga, I got it.
Them checks came out so the set's straight poppin.

Lil' Wayne: (Listen, listen, listen, la...)
Wheezy-Wee movin' twenty ki's a week.
On a good friday it's like Easy Street.
Breakin' down whole chickens to quarters & halves.
You can get it harder than slabs or softer than sand.
If you come around my boss nigga, ask for the short nigga.
Not on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I be duckin' the law, nigga.
Know I got that raw, nigga, bags to bricks.
Whole things scorin' for ten and ounces for six.
Look, it's Iceberg, nigga.. Expect the worst.
Friday done fell on the first, and I got that work.
And if I front a whole thing, I'ma ask for eleven.
And if I front a half-a thing, I'm taxin' ya' seven.
Cause I gotta ride dubs, nigga, when-and-where-ever.
Cause tomorrows said, a nigga gotta floss the Kompressor.
I got a extra twenty g's in my pockets to spend.
And on the next friday, I'ma do it again. Wha? (Wha?)

BG (Chorus 2x)

Mack 10:
Man, Thursday was a hard night. And now it's good Friday.
I got the double-up special on the hard white.
I ride twenty inches, flossin, stay shinin'
I'm the boss, I get chickens at cost and stay grindin'
Yo hand me the crew and the bacon and so I'm bout to startwoopin'
I'll remake 2 out of 1 so I'm distributin' and recoopin'
My game gettin' strong, was my pocket gettin' long,
I bust the whole chick down and sell it all in zones,
Try to beat me or cheat me, get your shirt stained up,
And one, four, quatto, hollow to the doom'll freeze ya brainup,
All hustlers hit the stoves, turn the flame up..
Let the water bubble and rock the 'Caine up..
So Baby, you Wayne and Fresh, y'all get the machetes,
But me and B.G. cookin' and y'all can chop it when it's ready,
And when you come to my hood and you lookin' for them thangs,
Mack 10 is the name, on the Caddy do'... Now what?

Mannie Fresh (of Big Tymers):
Now why theeeyyy...
Had to do me on Fridaaayyy...
Now why theeeyyy...
Had to pursue me on Fridaaayyy...
Now why theeeyyy...
Had to do me on Fridaaayyy...
Now why theeeyyy...
Had to pursue me on Fridaaayyy...
(Lil' One, cause it's...)
Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot..

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