I've Got To Make It To Summer

Billy Gilman

Verse 1- Billy:

My heart skips a beat, when I watch her go by
I don't know if she knows, if i'm even alive
I love to ask her out,
But there's too many people around,
I've gotta make it to summer

Chorus 1x- Billy / (Backgound vocals):

(Summer, summer, summer)
I wanna drift on an ocean, and stare in her eyes
I've been makin' her sad,
Holdin' her hand while, the lonely people go by
I've gotta make it to summer
(Summer, summer, summer)
I wanna tell her the things, that i'm feelin' inside
And if I get the chance,
I know i'm gonna make her mine


Verse 2- Billy:

I'm stuck in my room, while the snow starts to fall
I'm lost in her beat, posted there on my wall
I love to see her there,
With the golden sun in her hair,
I've gotta make it to summer

Chorus 1x


Ooooooo oooo oooo ooo

Chorus 1x

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