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Kings Never Die


I wanna be remembered for all the things i've done
Win or lose, i never gave a fuck if i died young
Live fast, die young, that's the way i liked to live
Buy now, pay later, throw away and never give

Live life, take it by the balls and never look back
You can feel the power growing every day
Getting stronger by the minute gonna blow a vein
Survival of the fittest, i'm a realist
I know where i've been, i know i will exist
In the future i know i'm gonna be the man
I'm gonna climb to the top and make my stand

Kings never die
You will live forever for what you did
Warriors never lie
Cuz your word is all you have to give

A man's merrit is measured by what he did
No one writes a book about a failed man
Who never lived
Live life, take it by the balls and never look back
Cuz when we're dead and gone the past lives on

Kings never die
They watch over me as i fight to live
Kings are crucified
Evil thrives where cowards die

Never look back
My name will never die.