Riding on my bicycle I saw a motorcrash
A proper motorcrash and lots of spectators

I rushed to the centre saw the injured parents
Cuts on the children
An awful motorcrash

Dangerous terribly bloody motorcrash
Destructive motorcrash

Took the mother
Sneaked with her secretly all the way to my home
And nursed her gently put on her bandages
Gave her milk and biscuits
She sighed pleasantly after this awful motorcrash

That girl on that bicycle showed great interest in
All the motorcrashes in the neighbourhood
She look quite innocent
But believe you me I know what innocence looks like
And it wasn't there
After she got that bicycle

Then we disguised ourselves
Took a taxi to her home
When her husband opened the door
She introduced her-self
He said, "Where have you been all this time?"

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