Foto do artista Black Countess

Red Carnations And Bloodstained Lingerie

Black Countess

It's sunset again full of expectation for the forthcoming meeting with you
We were together last night and the juice of your charms is still on my tongue

It's as fine as a bunch of red carnations
Brought by me at that mysterious night
I licked between your legs and drank that juice
While your aroused cunt was shedding it

But first there were my hypnotic serenades outside your window
They forced you to suck your pretty toes and stimulate the clit

I took pleasure in looking at that picture
Painted by the brush of the erotic idyll
Plunging into the melody of tireless cicadas
Singing to me about the seduction of innocence

You opened the window
And I flashed along your lips as a waft of night
Appeared behind your naked back
With flowers, the colour of the defloration

They sank in the blue shine of your ice-cold eyes
Arising undisguised unbridled desire
Losing your patience you lied down on the bed
And shamelessly spread out your legs
Oh, this splendid minutes of bliss!
You feeled sexual charm
And I licked you and bit your thighs
Sipping the red wine - pure fresh blood

When lust and passion satiated us
You fell asleep and I left you
I sank into the night and soon it melted away in the first rays of the dawn
It was the night of our carnal acquaintance
And now I am outside your window again
I see you dressed just in white lingerie
Almost not hiding your intimate secrets

We descend in cozy shades of trees and hang in the air by the ground

You are pleased with our fabulous flight
And cold twinkling of wolves' eyes who gathered around
You are laughing when I undress you
And it rains down with carnation-petals

We are spinning in this rain
You entwine me with your legs
And sit yourself on my phallus
Then the rain of petals turns into the bloody shower

We fall on your teared lingerie
And the wolf's howl spreads through your veins like absinth
Orgasm reaches us wiping out your virginity
Whispering unbiblical prayers of further lechery

Oh, newborn whore!

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