Twins of God come to me for the first light I crave for thee
Under thy guidance our marching will bring misery
The eleven angled sigils are in unity
In unity the dark gate shall open wide before me!

The all-consuming flame, kindling before the southern throne
The winds of nothingness, waving in the raging storm
The living darkness, bringing the fruits of the nightside
The spiller of blood, opening the eye of the acausal self

Vedar-gal tiekals somdus azerate!

The sword of satan, burning in demonic path
The unlimited power, rising the inner flame
The eternal conqueror, bringing the seeds of death
The acosmic venom, awakening the chaotic fire

Open up, the inner and outer gates
Lead us to the blessings of the dark gods invoked

Lilith! The dragon mother of the nightside! Grant us the dark beauty of thee!

Open the gate! The eleventh sigil is shining bright!
For the black light is glowing and chaos is rising!
The shapeless one, the bearer of spiritual fire
The manifestation of chaotic path!

Lucifer, I call upon for thee!
Guide us with thy flames eternally!

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