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Blind Melon

No time frame for what need to do today
Here at the yellow house, I think that I'm gonna play
With some free livin lads down the street aways, away oooo
Now as I feel the moon rise
The time that I feel is the right time
Here at our sleepyhouse
As I wipe eye bugs away, the candle flickers at me to say
And in my head I sometimes pray
Are you feeling fine?
As I was a little child
And im feeling better when im high
With a red light shining on a little unity
The mistakes that I have made, no they don't seem to bother me
And I sure as hell don't feeling like I've missed any kind oftrain
If I could only show you how I feel
And maybe you'd see why we don't mind being blind
As I was a little child
And I'm feeling better when I'm high
With a red light shining on, shining on a little unity
I'll probably be in a little while

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Composição: Blind Melon / Brad Smith / Christopher Thorn / Glenn Graham / Rogers Stevens / Shannon Hoon. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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