Less than three
Is just a tease
Send those noodz
Make me drool

Hit me up
Make me cum
Wanna sext?
I'll show you some!

Sticky drama
All the way
Want my dick?
You gotta pay!

You've seen what
My thumbs can do
Now its time to
Use my tongue on you

Show me what ya got
On my lcd
Lets get down to it
So you can get down on me!
Cybering is so 1999!

You've got to be
Textually active
If you wanna
Be mine!


I wanna fuck you hard!
I wanna feel you deep!
I wanna rock your body!
I wanna taste your sweet
I wanna fuck you hard!
I wanna feel you deep
I wanna ah! Ah!
I wanna ah! Ah!

Love me or hate but you want to fuck me
My love is unrestricted
You know you wanna lick this
I'm stronger than the strongest drug you've ever had you can mix em all together and I would still be twice as bad

I know you want some more!

When I text its sex! Sex! sex!
You start to undress! Dress!
Poppin out your chest!
Send you a friends request!
Now I'm rocking on your top
And you know I just can't stop stop
Make you drop
Feel you up till I hit the spot
Cuz I can't take take take
All this wait! Wait!
I'm so impatient
You got me waiting
Cut this shit!
Show your tits!
Flip it out on my sidekick

Like quagmire on family guy
Giggity! Aiggity! all the time


There I go!
Sexting all my mother fucking favorite hoes
Stereo blast it up! Go ape shit and tear it up!!!
We can make you look like hobos
Shes texting if she should swallow
Hellz ya! Go for more
Parents banging down the door...
Oh no!!!!
Caught with my pants down
Now I gotta leave this town
I ain't never looking back!
I'm gonna tell your ass straight up
This is how we live it up!
I just don't give a fuck
And if I ever gave a fuck
I would be straight out of luck!

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