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Hangin' in the VIP i saw him comin to holla at me a playboy
pique my curiosity when he asked me if i wanted to trade
i was on my second drink and feelin' sexy, now what is hethinkin'
bangin', dancin', which way is he swingin'?
what did he want from me?

oh i¤ain't got no hang-ups
oh i¤came to have fun tonight
oh i¤might have to check him out as long as he can swing it myway
oh i¤like his confidence
oh i¤ so busy talkin' shit
oh i¤hope he can handle this
let's take it to the floor, spend the whole night swingin'

be bop be bop be bop be ba if you like swingin' get your hands up(4x)

finger poppin' still be boppin'
we get tired but we ain't no stoppin'
come on with it, sweat keeps droppin' rollin' off the side of myface
dirty dancin' huggin' kissin'
all this fun i woulda been missin'
didn't know he had it like this
it's so good i want some more

b-section (repeat)

don't need a tired cliche
if you wanna make a move my way
so keep them lies restrained
it's about what you do not what you say
cat daddy's obsessed, tryin' to get under my dress
but i'm not impressed
baby boy is dreamin' unless he's plannin' on swingin'

hook (repeat)

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Composição: Dallas Austin / James Big Jim Wright / Terry Lewis. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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