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I've got it now
Everything I couldn't see before
You are all I need - all I've waited for

Well, you show me how
'Cause I don't even know how to start
Tear into my heart and rip me apart

Oh, but it comes to me at dawn - then it's gone
I want to run away but instead I stay - to carry on

Well, I turn with the tide
But I know you're not blind anymore
Your eyes are open wide but you know I tried
Just like before

Well, I see it now
Everything I have fades away
I'm lonely, but I'm free and alive
I see in shades of gray

Oh, but it comes to me at dawn - and I'm gone
Here inside my head I have run away
I'm keeping on - yeah

Oh, but you cry to me at dawn - like a song
I'm taken by a storm, you are left alone to get along

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