C'mon C'mon
That's right
C'mon C'mon
Check this out

I'm not the kind of guy you can take for granted
But if you treat me right
I'll give you what you wanted
It's not the way I am to tell you what I'm feeling
But if you really care
You'll know what I'm meaning

Think again,
Before you get the wrong impression on your mind
Think again,
Don't walk away, I'm not fooling (I'm not fooling)

If you wanna get down with me
Let the love come naturally
We can get back what we had you cannot deny it
Say you wanna get down with me
Close your eyes and you will see
It can be just like before you just got to try it

Yeah that's right
C'mon check it out

You're heard it all before
But this time I can change girl
I'll show you so much more
Love you've never seen now
I got so much to give I want a chance to prove it
Reach out and take my hand.
I never want to lose it


If you wanna get down with me
Let the love flow natually
We will get back to what we have
You know girl, it ain't that bad
To let me tell what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna pull you close
I'm gonna ground you slow, Oh...
Feel our bodies in harmony,
C'mon girl, Get down with me


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