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Blue Flame (turn It Up)

Bo Benton

Temperature rising,i know you feel the heat
Floor so hot,you cant stop movin your feet
Dj turn it up 1000 degrees
If you cant keep me lit,then imma have to leave
Im gettin lost in this music
Keep it right there,cuz i dont wanna lose it
Its gettin tense im drippin soking wet
Im on fire but i aint there yet

We vip in the furnace lounge
Shot of 150 proof,yeah we burnnin now
The roof is blazin,flames are all around
My heart is pacin' imma slow it down
Im reaching my boiling point(2x)
Take me to my peak, take me to the stars
I cant give up now,cuz ive come to far

Enter the melting pot of love...
Its jus the two of us...
Its blisterin',tourchin',scorchin', hot...
Ignite my soul and give me all that
You've got,you've got,you've got,you've got,yeah

(thanks to bo benton for these lyrics)

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