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Went out in norfork hung on a short short
Livin' with a bottle of wine
To music, ladies and burned out babies
I was tryin' to write a couple of lines
Sherriff gribbs with his grim ad libs
Spoutin' 'bout the crime in the streets
And women were screamin' and some were dreamin'
'bout the crowd between the sheets
You know that music died, hurt my pride
Somehow i got through, back in '72

Somehow we made it to baton rouge
We stayed inside for a week
We weren't in town for no mardi gras
So we decided to sleep
Houston, yes, was a good old guest
Tho knows how bad we wanted to play
But we got homesick for lincoln park
(imagine that) and then we just couldn't stay
Tricky dick, he played it slick
Something i was afraid he'd do
Back in '72 , oh, '72

Then all our new born philosophers
Out went to alert the world
Then some psuedo-intellectuals
Even got it unfurled
Takin' notes on that harvard course
And got me on a bottle of seed
It was so hip to be negative
So square to try and leave
When the waters cleared, it was what we feared
We learned nothin' new,

Back in '72
In '72
Back in '72
Back in '72 back in '72

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