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I'm Needed Now

Bobby Long

I'm needed now, I'm needed now
The pathway is broke but I know how to find my way home
I'm needed now, I'm needed
Got stuck on a trail that brought sadness straight out of me
(insert humming part)

I think I'm gonna find me out
I think I'm gonna spend some time digging the old country ground
Lay in the grass where I've played
I'll scatter all the old picture frames
Play hide and seek with old faces, I'd never wish to change
Call on them all in the morning, in the morning

I button every coat I wear
I walk upon the rue lanes and hold the singing air
But I won't sing of his words when I'm leaving, when I'm leaving
I've been drenched in this rain before it tends to leave the thinkers astray

And I'm foolish now, I'm foolish now
I have other ways to walk but she's telling me she needs me to stay
And I'm needed now, I'm needed now
I turn a corner hoping the past would not lead me astray
(insert humming part again)

I think I better kick my feet and head down the road to its old familiar beat
But I can't go home this a way, this a way
Turning heads may wish me off but I can't leave this place this a way
Fallen leaves may cover my footsteps but I'll wipe them away

And I'm hoping now that I'll draw it out
The time has come to lay down my fears cos i know I can't stay
And I'm hoping now that it won't be long
Before the waves of the sea take the darkness straight out of me

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