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The Ballad Of William Joe

Ray Boltz

William Joe was the son of a farmer
Who lived out on the plains
William Joe never had too much
Just a horse and his name
Then one day
He said goodbye to his mama
Said, I've got to ride away
I've got to find out
What life is, papa
I'm leaving home today

Well, his mama ran and fetched him
A sack of apples
And she kissed him on the cheek
She said, Son, we don't have much
But these apples sure are sweet
And as the young man
Climbed upon his horse
Silhouetted against the sky
His papa nodded and his mama waved
And they both had tears in their eyes

As they watched him ride on
Ride on, ride on

William Joe rode for miles and miles
As he went from town to town
But each one seemed to be the same
And peace he never found
Well he'd seen the oceans
He's seen the mountains
And he'd seen the forests green
He'd seen cities and he's seen deserts
But he's never seen his dreams

Then his mind went back
To a sack of apples
He reached down in one day
And at the bottom of the sack of apples
His papa's Bible lay
And he could still remember the last words
His papa said to him
He said, Son, love will be here waiting
Till you come home again

You'll just ride on
Ride on, ride on, ride on

The evening sun was setting
As he knelt down in the dirt
And tears of repentance
Began erasing all the hurt
He closed his eyes
And bowed his head
And gave his heart to the Lord
He finally found the freedom
He'd been so long searching for

Now it's tim

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Composição: Ray Boltz / Steve Millikan · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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