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Ain't Nothin Changed

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


Ain't nothin' changed everyday. Ain't nothin' changed.
It's an everyday thang when you hear the bucks bang.
Mo Thugs is all you claim, stay thug up in this game and remainthe
So follow me, now see [now see] off to the double-glock andhear
pistols poppin', buckin' them bodies with shots, and a come up, acome
up, a come up.
Everybody get up, get down.
Everybody get up and like my fucked-up gang without the grip. Gotta
have another bill, y'all. Dog, I need all my change. Soon ascreep up, I'm
pullin' my people up outta the bullshit. That's why we choosethis
thugsta music. You just move it. Don't abuse it, do it oh solovely.
Gotta get, gotta get, get money [mo' money]. Thuggin' foreverwe
keepin' it real, and I'm ready to show when they let niggas rollwith Mo
Thug. Hit the shit, then we roll with murder, we told ya. Rollin', blowin'
indo, we go, niggas doubted we are trues, yeah. Ready to buston
anything. Shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up. Nobody move, won't nobodyget
Break it down.
Killa, Me killa, killa . . .


I'm wonderin' really how many more niggas I'll see in a coffin,before it's
my time. I'm the kind right here to take losses, not a dime. Everyday it's
the same, and I gotta mine to the grind. My mental be stressedon my
pistol, my only untensil for cheddar. It's on the level--war. Whatever my
mind is my church and my kids or my pleasure. Would ya like tocome
parlay with Lay all through my hood? Sit back, everything gon'be all
good. Niggas ridin' real, knock on wood, goin' against thegrain. It's all
the same. It's all the same. Smokin' on a lot more weed thanbefore, no
pain, no gain. You straight up hangin', and that's shame. Howlong we'll
reign. Bang, bang, gotta get down for my thang, ain't nothin' todo to get
outta this game [outta this game]. Run, we came withconsistency,
instantly and guard them greens of the earth. We're resistance,baby,
baby, tell me what do you wanna do? Tell me, what do you wannado?
You can ride and smoke with me, or I can ride and smoke with you. It's
all cool. It's all cool. It's all cool. Act a fool. Act afool. It's all cool.
It's all cool.


Ready when I got my pistol, and got to flip, and when in myhood,
should be animal and gnarl, wanna go shut you down and eatbreakfast,
oh so, don't you know that I know you're whole M.O., and away yougo,
and I got (...?...) mo, little bit, you know so, hit it, mestumble (...?...) and
even scuffle, and I heard my little brother smacked the shit outyou bitch,
and bust you, hear my nationwide "fuck you, fuck you." I gotpeople that
you trust, who needs some greens, and really don't love you. Never
familiar, send 'em all in the city out to (?), an everyday thangand I bang
your brains, nigga.


Ain't nothin' changed everyday. Ain't nothin' changed.


It's an everyday thang, it's an everyday thang, it's an everydaythang, thang.

It's an everyday thang, it's an everday thang, it's an everydaybuck, buck,
buck, bang.
Calm me down. It ain't gon' change. We won't change. Bone
thugs-n-harmony, we keeps it realer. Tell me, can you feel us,feel us,
feel us? Tell me can you feel us, feel us, feel us, killas? Even though we
still roll the Clair, playa haters better beware, 'cause we gotmines, we
got nines, we got shit to blow you all the time. Anytime you gotyours,
you got yours, I got mine, I got mine. Fuck with mine, fuck withmine.
East 99 is the street, keep it on the low when they creep, orBone got
heat, Bone got heat, hurt them who tried to hurt me. B-O-N-E,'cause
I'm rollin with ya, 'cause I'm rollin' with ya, 'cause I'mrollin' with ya. It's
an everyday, it's an everyday, it's an everyday thang, bang. It's an
everyday, it's an everyday, it's an everyday buck, buck, buck,bang.


Ain't nothin' changed everyday. Ain't nothin' changed.

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Composição: Barry J. Eastmond / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony / DJ U-Neek. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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