What, what, what, what
Sesh, sesh, sesh, sesh, Bones

Don't act like I give a fuck
Actin like you different but
Ain't got shit but shitty luck
Ridin' in that shitty truck
Four by four I lift it up
Dare you to come bitch at us
Raise your voice like: Listen up
But TeamSESH sure ain't listenin'
Made a couple Ms I could use a couple more
Show the world a sound they ain't never heard before
I done shared my brain signals with the ones that don't
Ones that couldn't make it up themselves copy Bones
Rented flows, that's a loan
I put interest on 'em though
What they can't come up with in respect I'll have to take in blood
Out the mud, how I got it
Buckets how I shot it
Sesh is something that you not
So like, tag you not it
Melodies got em nodding
8-ball corner pocket
Never scratch, never that
Slaughtered every project
Every place you walking
Just know I'm somewhere watching
The wind that hit the trees
I am the flowers plus the pollen


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