Suicide Two-Tone
Bleedin' with the roof gone
Bloody like a newborn
Cutting like a coupon
Pulling on my Tendons just to make the wheel turn
Strike a match with my teeth just to let the weed burn
Ash on my shirt, shoelace on my waist
Fiji water in my lap hydrated all day
Seshollowaterboyz, live from the grave
Got my hair pinned back like the fucking Green Ranger
Young Chris Angel, trying to see my angle
Disappear in smoke then I'm cash for some days
Rubber shoe sole, feel the pressure on the pavement
Pussy trying to be me, just be thankful

Riding in a camouflaged Bronco
Looking like the white Benny Blanco
Blades on me, got your bitch growing legs
And running away like ponyo flow like my jaw broke

Tom Hanks, casting away
No shirt, no shoes, just blunts by the bay
Bales of the hays, snowflakes on the grave
That's life back home where regrets got made
Life got faced when those guy broke
Shit got took and shit got sold
09 trucks in the yard
Brown carhartts when the cold gets harsh
Up town, D19, bitch I'm coming out the dirt with a blade on me

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