Witness the undeniable
Killing's what Bones is designed to do
I don't gain shit if I lie to you
Black out and show you the brightest truth
All of these fears confined to you
Blunts of the undesirables
Concept undesignable
The plans unfillable
Comin' from the mortuary, you probably somewhere from Malibu
Sun and the sand and the water
I prefer settings much darker
Take you apart like Bionicles
You are now tuned to the chronicles
Spasibo, it ain't too much to do
We makin' shit all night comfortable

Smoke up in my eyes
I can't see what's in front of me
My pathetic life
Everybody is happy, yeah, everyone but me

One foot in the grave, one foot in the door
One hand on the blade, one hand on the dope
Smokin' and rollin' and rollin' and smokin'
SHWB coming, locked in and loaded
You fall in slow motion, we causing commotion
You stuck in demotion, we steadily going
These pussies they knowin' that we never slowin'
So that take a toll on their brains and they foldin'
New week a new game, a whole set of new names
That no one remember at the end of the day
Fuck what you say, we lead the way
(Way, way, way, way)

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