Got a Tow From a Guy Named Joe
Cost Sixty Dollars Hope I Don't Run Out of Dough
Told Me Bout a Sex Offense 'put Him Three Days in Jail
Stuck in Indianapolis, Hope I Live to Tell the Tale

Can't Go West, Can't Go East
I'm Stuck in Indianapolis With a Fuel Pump That's Deceased
Ten Days On the Road Now I'm Four Hours From My Home Town
Is This Hell Or Indianapolis With no Way to Get Around

Called My Girl to Tell Her of the Trouble That I'd Had
First Time I Called Her in Ten Days, Guess That Made Her Mad
Far As She's Concerned I Belong in This Hoosier State
Stuck in Indianapolis With no Way to Set Things Straight


Sitting in This Bar Is Getting More Than I Can Stand
If I Could Catch a Ride I Really Think I'd Ditch This Van
Who Knows What This Repair Will Cost, Scared to Spend a Dime
I'll Puke If That Jukebox Plays John Cougar One More Time

If I Ever Leave Here I Hope Never to Return
If I Get That Van Back, Man, the Road I'm Gonna Burn
Right Now My Future's in the Hand of Them Boys Down At Firestone
Stuck in Indianapolis Feeling All Alone

Is This Hell Or Indianapolis With no Way to Get Around

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