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Messed Around

Boyz N Girlz United

(J.C. Chasez)
Yeah, here we go
Riprock A.G.
Chapter 1 tell 'em how the story goes

Every little thing that you said was true
I believed in you
But it wasn't meant to be
Cuz every little thing that you promised me
Wasn't honestly what you said would be, yeah

And I swear you'll never learn
So I'm giving you what you deserve

What you deserve

You've been living in a fantasy
If you think that you could be with me
You tried, denied.
And now you've got to move on babe
Took a chance when you rolled the dice
Messed around, but you didn't think twice
What's done is done. I want you outta my life

Every time the phone rings, it's in your eyes
That you wear a disguise, oh who could it be

Who could it be?

How you think you can just take me back
But I'll never go back
To where we used to be

And you said you've changed cuz you cried
But it's time for me to draw the line

Time for me to draw the line


I want you out of my life
Riprock A.G.
I want you out of my life



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