I got a hole in my heart, pretty baby
Got a hole in my heart, can't you see?
Should've known, pretty baby
That you were gonna be the end of me

I hear the sirens coming for you, baby.
Hear the sirens blaring in the street.
So why now, baby, tell me
Why would a lady bring the heat?

Pretty baby
I hear the hounds in the woods, pretty baby
Hear the hounds in the woods closing in
So tell me now, baby
Tell me, pretty baby, where you've been
I hear the shots ringing out, pretty baby
I hear the gun shots ringing in the night
What a sound, oh baby
Hit the ground, pretty baby out of sight

Oooohh, pretty baby
I got a hole in my head, pretty baby.
Got a hole in my head cuz of you.
Got a hole in my head and
Blood is running red cuz of you

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