Times are tough in my home town unemployment's up
The economies down
Hard to find work but it won't be long til
I'm singing a different tune
Cause there's a place I know
Where there's gonna be jobs real soon

I'm gonna move to Arizona where they enforce the law
I'll be a brick laying sun of a b!tch
When they build that wall
And when I'm done with that I can always find work
Standing out in front of Home Depot
God bless Arizona that's where I wanna go

Might get a job doing dishes at Denny's
on the weekend work the window at McDonald's, too
Won't you be surprised when I take order
And I speak English as good as you.

I'm gonna move to Arizona where immigration is fine
Everybody's welcome there just as long as they stand in line
I don't care if I piss off Hillary Clinton
Of the President of Mexico
God bless Arizona that's where I wanna go

We elected a brand new Administration
Thinking anekatips they might care
Now we can't afford medical insurance
because we are paying for theirs

I'm gonna move to Arizona before its too late
If you haven't noticed yet this country ain't running so great
The guy we elected won fair and square
We got nobody to blame but ourselves
But we can change all that
When we vote in 2012

God bless Arizona (x3)

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