Get Back

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1, 2, 3, 4

Oh no, here we go,
Catch me if you can, don't move too slow,
I'm on another level, can you feel my flow?
See how good, When I'm on the floor
Wonder if you're ever gonna zing that I got
I told you before that I'mma keep it hot
See how it is when I walk up in the spot
Standing in a line, ah, I think not

I came to party baby
You might think I'm crazy
By the way I'm moving to the beat
You're standing on the wall
What you come here for?
You wanna feel the heat
Dancing next to me

[Chorus 4x:]
Get back (get back) get back (get back) get back (get back)
If you can't take it then get back

DJ spin it back
Know that I like it, when you do it like that
Eyes on my waist, feel you better think fast
Got that kind of body, make you wanna spend cash
Shake it like you seen them do it in the video
Ladies on the floor, let me see you get low
Fellas at the bar, won't you spend a little dough?
This is how I do it, when I'm tearing up the floor


Watch me, you like it, I've got it
1, 2, 3, 4

Would you like it, if I tease you
Get you really hot
Watch me turn around
Then let me show you what I got
Baby if you're ready
Won't you step up to the plate
Don't be scared of how I'm moving
Boy don't play it safe

Let me see you move
Let me see you dance
Let me see you bounce
Danja, bring it back


Get back, get back, get back
If you can't take it then get back
Get back, get back, get back
If you can't take it then...

Composição: N. 'Danja' Hills / C. Ellis / M. 'Ms. Lago' Araica · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por HMM, Traduzida por aletisdale, Legendado por nov09
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