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Super Lover

Britney Spears

Oh oh ohh. superlover
Oh oh ohh. superlover

Black pants and designer blue
With my tattoos of 'i love you'
I juts put on these dancing shoes
To prove, my love, for you
I'm living it up
Secretly he notices, i'm..
Playing it up!
For him, i'm playing it up
I'm living it up
Dancing on the tables, as the dj's
Spinning it up, for me
Spinning it up, for me!

When the sun goes down, and the care ends up
It's time for the show-oh oh ohh
Plating you to the scene,
Make fake for the queen
I'm on a role oh oh ohh

Staring my direction
Craving your attention
So now go back to the beat,
Get up on your feet
Gonna be your super lover!
Right back to the beat,
Get up on your feet
Imma be your super lover
Oh oh
Your super lover
Oh oh
Your super lover

To hot for the masses
She's on fire,
Think i'm gonna let her burn
Champaigne in the glasses,
Flip the bottle baby cmon take your turn
She's on my radar,
Catch ya later
Cuz she know ooh ohhs
When i push the beta,
She ain't leaving me alone

Oh oh oh