My brother was my machine
I made his heart beat
All the engines, hards and softs
Without them he'd be not
Attract eyes, attract minds
I'm amused and I dance
I feel the god's might inside

Yes. My brother turned me on...
I never shoud let him free
Rebel mind he turned out to be
Wreck! I'll kill it, destroy it, smash it!

I never knew who built me
But I'm o.k., my engines run well
This little bastard -
the brother of mine
He stoped to obey. Is this o.k?
Crashing kicking killing
I should be
Melting bleeding dying
He should be...

You say I'm evil, crazy... maybe
But never dare to argue
My brother needs me
And I know how to fix him
Let me! Don't stop me!
I need this drug again
We both together - forever
I want this world back!

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