Foto do artista Bryan Adams

I Thought I'd Seen everything

Bryan Adams

I like the way we are
I love what we've become
When I'm in your arms
I know I've found the one

I love your kiss me mouth
And your static touch
It's just the way you are
That makes me feel so much

No one could ever know
What we're like alone
Rolling round like rain
We're a midnight storm

Like a river rising
I feel it through your skin
When we're together
I never want it to end

I thought I'd seen everything,
'Til I saw you
I thought I'd been everywhere,
'Til I'd been with you
I thought that everyone knew what I knew
I thought I'd seen everything
'Til I saw you.

I like the way we are
Like a raging fire
Burning up the night
Burning with desire
You're such a sweet temptation
You know I can't resist
Electricity, hey every time we kiss


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