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Get It Together

Bryan White

Everybody's lookin' for a sure thing kinda love
Tell ya what I'm thinkin' of
We could have the whole thing, brass ring, shine it up
What would that be like?

Don't you ever wonder why they say there's strength in numbers?
Love don't have to be a bummer
There, I said it
Why don't we, you and me

Go get it together
You and I could have the moon, the stars so bright
We could be livin' that diamond life forever
Let's get it together
Love everlasting isn't so hard to imagine
Two hearts and minds could find that treasure
Ya know it's out there somewhere
Oh yeah take my hand, know we can
Let's get it together

If it sounds like a good thing don't let it get away
Hear a good song sing along Better get ready for the big show on your toes everyday
In the dance of life
It takes two to tango
Talkin' 'bout love that never gets old
The dog and the kids and the winnebego
There, I said it
Why don't we, you and me

Everything we want

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