You’re something else
I've never even met you
And I’m stocking all my shelves
Prepping for my downfall, once again
You remind me so little of him
Almost to a fault

I’m bending over backwards
Trying to undo
All The heartbreak and the pressure
Bullshit he's trained me to do
Reactions, and habits
That’ll be my own undoing

And maybe there’s no point
In seeing all these boys
You get so many “no’s”
You can’t hear the yes

But maybe you’re the thing
That’ll make me lose my voice
You’ll swallow my words for me
Don’t give me a choice

You’ll be the thing to fix
These torn and shattered limbs
Teach me what you know
And I’ll teach you

You’re nothing like the last
Perhaps it’s all false hope
Please pick up all my pieces
I can’t be alone

I’m heart over head
Falling much too quick
But loving you is so much easier
Than trying to fix

And grow from what he did
From what he’s planted in my head
This idea that I’ll always be broken

I’m not trying to use you
You’re much too good for me
But that sliver of a chance
Has me higher than can be
My lows are brought back up
And to thank for that I have you

Maybe there’s no point
In loving all these boys
You waste time and energy
You can’t get back
But you’re just so damn cute
I can't seem to think straight
You're dulling all my senses
Bring me back

It’s like you’re what I've missed
I never knew I’d need
Make me want to write a million songs
You hold yourself so well
It makes my legs go weak
Our bodies are like pieces
And we barely speak

You are something new
And I need someone who
Can teach me how to walk again
You aren’t even mine yet
But damn I’d like to get
A bit of a change

Maybe you’re the point
In seeing all those boys
I wanted something better
And here you are

And maybe that’s the point

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